Business Development

The biobased and circular economy holds the needed potential to ensure a sustainable future. Unfortunately, on the road to our sustainable future there are challenges for (semi)governments, businesses and knowledge institutions/ universities. We believe that with the right business development the challenges can be overcome and a successful transition can be ensured.

What we do

Depleting fossil fuels, the enormous plastic soup and the ever-increasing atmospheric temperature are all reasons why we need to increase and ensure the biobased and circular economy. Think globally act locally, the transition to a sustainable biobased and circular economy starts with projects that we initiate together locally. Consumers started a trend in which the demand for reusable, recyclable and biobased products have increased. Resulting in brands like Adidas, Lego, IKEA, Danone, Nestle and many more increasing their interest in biobased and circular products. Ensuring a large and needed increase in the economic potential of a biobased and circular economy.

At KNN Advies we support companies by developing new businesses/ products within the biobased and circular economy. What are the possibilities for my company? How can my idea become economically profitable? What are the advantages? The Business Development unit supports companies on a financial, organizational, commercial and economic level.

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