Biobased and Circularity

In a biobased and circulair economy there is an optimal recovery of raw materials and fossil based  feedstocks are replaced by resources from from residue streams. Waste does not exist and material cycles are closed.  An idealistic vision of the future that KNN Advies turns into a hands-on approach so that you can enable your biobased and circular business.

What we do

Waste streams are often costly streams, still containing valuable materials and resources. We analyse which market demanded materials and resources are still present in your waste stream and look for tangible ways to create value from this ‘waste’. We do this by bringing supply and demand together through our extensive knowledge from different sectors on resources and materials, know-how on latest market developments and insight into innovative technologies. Realising new business-2-business opportunities together with you. We give hands-on insight into the opportunities, steps and decisions you have to create value out of your waste streams.

Various companies want insight into the possibilities to make their products or processes (more) biobased and/or circular. KNN Advies can present the needed information and support you in the process to become fully biobased and/or circular. A few examples of the core aspects we can give insight into:

  • Which possibilities there are for alternative materials and resources
  • How to secure your supply chain
  • The technologies available for production and processing
  • What possible effects to anticipate within the value chain
  • Who your key-partners and/or competitors will be
  • Which best-practices you can learn from
  • What will be your new business case
  • The latest market developments and future trends
  • a clear time-line with the needed developments (internally and externally), possibilities and next steps

With this information you can make well-founded decisions towards the next step in realising your ambitions towards a biobased and circular economy.

Do you want to take the next step towards a more biobased and circular economy? Everything we do is tailored to your organisation. Please contact Willemien directly for more information.